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The central objective of the SMARTCHAIN Project is to foster and accelerate the shift towards collaborative short food supply chains (SFSC) and, through specific actions and recommendations, to introduce new robust business models and innovative practical solutions that enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the European agri-food system.

The SMARTCHAIN Innovation Platform facilitates knowledge, innovative practical solutions and know-how transfer. Particularly, the Platform aims to:

  • Generate, share and utilize information on suitable innovations;
  • Engage stakeholders in the SFSC sector;
  • Disseminate SFSC innovation and cooperation events;
  • Organize training activities and generate training materials on best practices in innovation;
  • Build an international community through a short food supply chain game.

After the official end of the SMARTCHAIN project (31/08/21), 5 new H2020 projects (CO-FRESH, FAIRCHAIN, PLOUTOS, LOWINFOOD and FOODRUS will continue the maintenance and growth of this Innovation Platform with their results, findings, and contributions. These projects work to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of agri-food value chains through innovations, new approaches and effective ways to reduce food losses and waste. Stay connected to the Innovation Platform to keep up with all of the latest on innovative food systems!


In SMARTCHAIN your voice is very important. For that reason, a short online questionnaire has been developed to evaluate the quality of SMARTCHAIN website and innovation platform, as it is done also for every activity and event of the project. Indeed, we want to make sure that they meet the needs of short food supply chains’ stakeholders. The results of this query will help us to adjust the contents and formats of our actions. It will take only 5 minutes to fill in this form, and this will help us improve our Platform. Thank you very much for your collaboration!

The questionnaire can be answered in 9 languages here:

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