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Currently, around 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced at industrial level in Extremadura are related to tomato processing. There are 11 companies in the sector that are part of emissions trading. Until now, free rights allowed the sector to carry out its activity without the need to pay, but these rights have been reduced significantly in recent years, forcing companies to buy CO2 emission rights in order to be able to carry out their activity.

In collaboration with Agenex -Extremadura Energy Agency-, within the Interreg Europe DeCarb project (Supporting the clean energy transition of coal-intensive EU regions), Innogestiona Ambiental has organised a round table discussion with the different parties directly involved.

The session has been attended by representatives from different agri-food industries in the region (such as Agraz, Conesa, Arrofrut…), different representatives of renewable energy companies such as Eficae or Metanogenia, and technical sfaff from the Environmental Protection Service of the Regional Government of Extremadura, in order analyze challenges and opportunities related to the current and future situation, as well as to search together for sustainable solutions through the use of clean energies, which allows not only decarbonisation of the industry and the economic viability of its activity, but also respects environment.

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