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We are happy to announce that Innogestiona has officially become member and supporter of the Charter Community. The project gathers 47 partners, who represents some of the top education and training institutions, organisations, networks and employers of the European cultural heritage sector. They have joined forces to professionalise the cultural heritage sector and combat the lack of statistical recognition of the sector as an economic force.

CHARTER – Cultural Heritage Actions to Refine Training, Education and Roles- will be developed during the next four years (2021 – 2024). It seeks to create a lasting, comprehensive sectoral skills strategy to guarantee that Europe has the necessary cultural heritage skills to support sustainable societies and economies, including transversal competences such as digital/technological and green/blue economy skills.

Innogestiona in the cultural field

We promote innovative projects in the cultural field. From the design of the project idea, proposal writing or identification of the most suitable programme, to comprehensive support in project management and technical implementation. This is the case of Interreg Innocastle, Share, LIMUS or Creative Europe Inclusive theatres projects, in which Innogestiona is responsible for the implementation of the projects.

If you would like to know more about our vision and experience in the cultural sector, click here.


Cultural heritage sector: up-skilling and reskilling to sustainably address the needs of a changing sector and its workforce.

As member and supporter of the CHARTER community, Innogestiona endorses project mission and goals, will provide feedback, participation and relevant information, while contributing to the dissemination of project results and findings.

The CHARTER Community has already started to joining forces with different actors in the cultural heritage sector, in order to create a strong, sustainable and lasting alliance for cultural heritage skills that we envision for CHARTER.

Innogestiona becomes part of a team, together with inspiring organisations, associations and networks, committed to professionalising the sector and ensuring that future generations of professionals have a prosperous and sustainable field of work.

You can also join the community!

Join the CHARTER Community to support one of the flagship projects on cultural heritage funded by Erasmus+. During the next three years, we are hoping that the CHARTER Community will assist us with information/feedback, participation in surveys, etc.

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