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The course “Assessment and advice to livestock farms for their adaptation to climate change” is the fourth of the five online courses planned within the training itinerary developed in the frame of the LIFE LiveAdapt Project.

This fourth course is targeted to technical staff from public administrations and companies that advise or work with extensive livestock farms. However, it is open to other groups, such as livestock farmers and also research personnel or any other interested person.

The objective of Course 4 is to develop the necessary skills to assess and advice extensive and semi-extensive livestock farms in relation to their adaptation to climate change. Assessment and advice are key to develop appropriated processes for the design, implementation and (re)adjustment of strategies, techniques and measures to adaptat to climate change.

Innogestiona, as LiveAdapt project partner, participates in the technical action C5, which includes this series of 5 courses aimed at the extensive livestock sector. Our contribution to this task consists in the review and validation of contents, as well as in the tutoring of the training through Moodle platform.


The course “Assessment and advice to livestock farms for their adaptation to climate change” consists of six didactic units, which explore different proposals for assessment and advice that can be applied in extensive livestock farms to improve their adaptation to climate change.

Course participants will have access to the online training platform of the University of Cordoba. There are no virtual classes, but rather an itinerary of readings, audiovisual materials and practical exercises that can be carried out within the established periods at the time that best suits each person. The project’s technical team will be responsible for providing support, monitoring and corrections, as well as resolving doubts throughout each unit. Those who complete the courses will receive a certification from the LIFE LiveAdapt project.


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