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Innnogestiona Ambiental is carrying out biodiversity monitoring tasks at photovoltaic plants owned by Enel Green Power.

The aim of the work is to know how these facilities influence environmental biodiversity parameters and thus, appropriate decisions can be taken regarding their location, construction and operation.

Innogestiona Ambiental has extensive experience in the processing and environmental monitoring of renewable energy facilities, both in the construction and operation phases. Our experience shows that, although current regulations include the identification of impacts on biodiversity in the environmental impact assessment for projects, in practice there is no empirical data available assess relation between project phases and biodiversity parameters.

Since 2021, in the frame of Ingenostrum Chair, we have been monitoring soil quality and biodiversity at the Castiblanco solar plant (Talarrubias, Badajoz), owned by Enel. Beyond environmental monitoring, we carry out different activities which allow us to better understand impacts. We are currently monitoring temperature and humidity data and carrying out soil sampling, both inside the plant and in the surrounding area, to determine the evolution of its physicochemical and soil parameters. We are also carrying out annual monitoring of birdlife, inside and outside the photovoltaic plant, as one of the main biodiversity indicators.

In addition to the Castilblanco solar plant (Talarrubias), Innogestiona is carrying out impact studies at other photovoltaic facilities owned by Enel in Fregenal de la Sierra and in Mérida. In these plants, monitoring will cover many more aspects of biodiversity, so that we can analyse the relationships between changes in land use, flora and fauna. Our work, in coordination with Enel Green Power and the Public Administration, aims to contribute to the knowledge of ecosystems behaviour in the face of changes in land use, resulting from the implementation and management of photovoltaic projects.

We are convinced that these studies are key to progressing towards the sustainable implementation of renewable energy projects, which also allows us to continue accompanying our clients in their commitment to environmental sustainability.

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