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Innogestiona, as collaborator of the CHARTER Community -which includes the main educational institutions, organisations, networks and employers in the European cultural heritage sector- contributes to the dissemination of results such as the recent report, which describes the European cultural heritage landscape in education and training.

With the aim of identifying the most appropriate competences and skills to meet the challenges faced by the sector, CHARTER community is currently analysing the existing training opportunities at all academic levels across Europe, grouping them around the 5 areas that make up cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the digital dimension:

  • Safeguarding and conservation,
  • Crafts and traditional knowledge,
  • Dissemination and communication (audiences)
  • Knowledge: identification of cultural heritage, study and recording,
  • Planning and management

Through this report, CHARTER community moves forward in the process of investigating current training pathways to transmit adecuated skills and knowledge from formal and non-formal educational environments to the professional arena, so that options for adapting training roadmaps to the new new needs in terms of professional skills.

This report and the methodology it contains are based on all the work carried out by the CHARTER team in the first year of the project, which promotes the idea of cultural heritage is a key asset for social transformation and cohesion,

Full report available here.

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