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On February 23, 2022, representatives of different entities at the regional and provincial level met at the headquarters of the Badajoz Provincial Council. This meeting is part of Action 3 of the action plan contemplated in the Innocastle project to be developed in Extremadura and whose objective is to “Design and promote a harmonized framework for the tax treatment of heritage in Extremadura, through a stable working group”. Their task will be providing a non-binding advice but intending to serve as guidance and support to the competent entities in a matter that is considered to need a review with a view to improving the current fiscal harmonization due to its impact on the protection and sustainable tourism management of regional heritage.

In addition to the coordinators of the project from Badajoz Province Council, all the invited participants attended the meeting: Carlos Rodríguez Martín (Treasury, Extremadura Delegation), Ana de Cáceres Gómez and Teresa Miralles Quirós (Extremadura Regional Goverment), (ta Extremadura), Juan Carlos Heras Pérez (OARGT/ Cáceres Provincial Council), Manuel Cordero Castillo and  Maria del Rocío Silero Carrasco (OAR Badajoz Provincial Council).

As result of the first meeting, the interest of all those convened in forming part of the working group (non-binding advice) and getting involved in the task of preparing a recommendations document before the end of 2022 was confirmed.

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