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In recent years, orchids have become a major attraction due to their great beauty, their high scientific interest and their unique reproductive biology.  These are some of the reasons why this plant family has captured the attention of both the scientific profession and the naturalist hobby. In the Iberian Peninsula there are 90 species of orchids divided into 25 genera, of which 44 species and 13 genera are present in our rich region.

On the other hand, Extremadura has recently experienced a very important advance with respect to the installation of renewable energy as never seen before and in 2021, Extremadura reached an installed capacity of 4,058 MW, placing it at the head of the country in this field.

At Innogestiona Ambiental, we are deeply committed to the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable development of renewable energies. That is why in January of this year, 2022, orchid monitoring work has begun for the Evacuation Power Line of two photovoltaic projects located in the municipality of Lobón, in charge of the developers Enel Green Power and Naturgy.

Prior to the installation of the line, our experienced technicians are responsible for the inventory and active search for orchid stands in the areas directly affected as well as in the adjacent land. This inventory is carried out in order to notify the regional environmental administration of their location so that appropriate measures can be taken to protect the orchids, e.g. marking or signposting of the stands, among others. Likewise, this data will be made available to the Directorate General for the Environment of the Regional Government of Extremadura, in order to update its orchid register, thus enriching knowledge about the natural heritage of Extremadura.

To date, our technicians have found numerous stands of the Giant Orchid or Himantoglossum robertiarum and some others of Orchis italica or Naked Man’s Orchid, whose flowering corresponds to the beginning of the spring season.


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