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An on-line working session was held on 21 April 2022 with the participation of five international experts, with extensive professional experience in heritage management and its socio-economic impact: Joep De Roo (founder and director of Eurodite), June Taboroff (Consultant specialised in cultural resource management), Maria Francesca De Tullio (researcher at Ex Asilo Filangieri), Giovanna Barni (president of Coop Culture), Aleksandra Uzelac (research advisor at the Institute for Development and International Relations, IRMO). The aim of the session was to identify concepts/criteria/indicators to analyse the social cost-benefit of heritage management.

This expert panel session is part of the action plan of the Innocastle project, of which the Diputación de Badajoz is one of their five partners, together with National Institute for Heritage (Romania), Ghent University College (Belgium), National Trust (UK) and Province of Gelderland (The Netherlands).

Patricia Mora, CEO at Innogestiona Ambiental acted as moderator formulating and conducting the answers to specific questions: What should be the most relevant concepts/criteria (economic, social, environmental, etc.) to decide on heritage investments? How can public administrations measure these criteria? What kind of indicators should be considered, and what kind of indicators should be considered?

As a result of the session,  all the experts’ contributions were compiled, which will serve as a basis for drawing up a non-binding protocol that will be sent to the bodies responsible for the management of regional heritage with the intention of supporting them in making decisions related to investments in heritage through ERDF funds.

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