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On 24 May 2022, a second and last face-to-face meeting with representatives of local social entities and collectives took place in Alburquerque. The meeting objective was a global and participative analysis of the 34 proposals activities already submitted by 12 different local collectives, aiming to count with an annual agenda of non-permanent activities to be developed within the castle.

Ten representatives from seven different entities/groups attended to the second meeting:  Sambrona, Irnoma, Cala, la Sombrilla, el Casar de Leo, el Álamo and the current Town Council of Alburquerque (new corporation). Pedro Moraga (European Projects Office) attended on behalf of the Provincial Council of Badajoz (project partner) and Patricia Mora and Roberto Ballesteros participated as moderators and facilitators on behalf of Innogestiona (external support).

Based on the overall analysis, all collectives and entities involved in the process has been asked to review and confirm their proposals. For this purpose, it has been recalled taking into account, the commitment of each group to develop the proposed activities, the socio-economic and cultural impact for the population, the compatibility in terms of dates, times and spaces, the sustainable and respectful use of the castle’s heritage, as well as the potential for collaboration between the different groups.

The resulting non-binding agenda will be sent to the corresponding bodies responsible for the management and promotion of the castle, at regional, provincial and municipal level.

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