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The SCALE SMEs project is reaching its final stage, so we want to share the results generated in the project through a multiplier event.

For this event we have managed to bring together different projects related to #culture, #heritage, #accessibility, #social aspects and #learning, which will also have the opportunity to share their results and good practices. These projects are:

Interreg Europe Innocastle project/ Valorisation and sustainable exploitation of heritage (Diputación de Badajoz)
Creative Europe Inclusive Theatre Project / Promoting accessible cultural events (Audiosigno/ FEDAPAS)
– Interreg Europe SHARE Project / sustainable management of Cultural Spaces (Junta de Extremadura)
– Erasmus+ SCALE SMEs project / Supporting innovative business management in the cultural sector (Spanish partners Innogestiona Ambiental)

Regarding the SCALE project, it is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and aims to provide innovative training tools to SMEs and professionals in the cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector to improve their operational skills and competences and enable them to grow their business.

The project is implemented by 6 partners from 5 different countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy and Spain). As part of the project activities, the partners have developed a handbook to support the development of business models of freelancers and companies operating in the cultural and creative sector.

On 21 September, a (free) dissemination day on the results of the SCALE SMEs project and other European cultural projects will take place between 9:30 and 12:00 in the Santo Domingo Cultural Centre of the Fundación Caja de Badajoz, located in the Plaza de Santo Domingo, s/n in Mérida, Spain.

To participate in this event, please complete the following registration form.


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