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On 15 September 2022, took place the second meeting of the Tax Harmonisation Group at the headquarters of the Provincial Council of Badajoz, with the aim of analysing the progress made since the first meeting held on 23 February. It should be remembered that the recommendations and conclusions drawn up by this working group are not binding, although they are intended to serve as guidance and support for the competent bodies with a view to improving current tax harmonisation due to its impact on the protection and sustainable tourism management of regional heritage.

On this occasion, in addition to the project coordinators from the Provincial Council of Badajoz, the meeting was attended by: Ana de Cáceres Gómez (Junta Extremadura); Teresa Miralles Quirós (Junta Extremadura); Juan Carlos Heras Pérez (OARGT/Dip. Cáceres); Manuel Cordero Castillo (OAR Diputación Badajoz) and Maria del Rocío Silero Carrasco (OAR Diputación Badajoz).

During the second meeting, the model followed in Flanders (Belgium) by its Public Heritage Agency was analysed, with a view to identifying some keys with potential extrapolation to the fiscal context of Extremadura, taking into account the fiscal competences at national, regional and local level. The main conclusion of the meeting was the confirmation of the interest of all the participants in continuing the working group, despite the fact that the Innocastle project ends at the end of 2022. In a mid term, the working group goal consists of drafting a document of recommendations with proposals to improve the efficiency and harmonisation of the current legislation in relation to the taxation applied to castles and/or historic houses, as important elements of regional heritage in Extremadura.

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