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When we talk about sustainability, we refer to a broad concept of enormous complexity that, in any case, refers to “the prioritisation of the needs of all forms of life and the planet, ensuring that human activity does not exceed planetary limits” (JRC 2022, EU Commission).

With this basic approach, at Innogestiona, we promote sustainability in all the projects in which we work, in order to adopt or propose measures that restore and maintain the health of ecosystems and improve social justice and equity, and thus generate sustainable future scenarios.

In line with these values, we want to highlight our commitment not only to sustainability, but also to the European strategies that guide our projects, such as the Green Pact or Farm 2 Fork, as well as the initiatives that respond to these strategies.

This is the case of the European Sustainability Competence Framework (GreenComp), which is presented as a catalyst to promote learning about environmental sustainability in the European Union.

GreenComp identifies a set of sustainability competences to feed into educational curricula and help learners develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote empathetic, responsible and caring ways of thinking, planning and acting for our planet and public health.

This framework serves as a common reference for the development of training actions at all levels that encourage critical thinking, reflection, training and, most importantly, action for sustainability. From Innogestiona we want to share this framework to reinforce our commitment to an ambitious approach that goes beyond environmental challenges, with a socio-economic, political and cultural perspective, in a context of unprecedented challenges that affect both the health of the planet and the coexistence between the people who inhabit it and the development of their activities, which, in any case, should not compromise the opportunities of future generations.

More info about Green Comp:

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