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The final conference of the INCLUSIVE THEATERS project took place on 2 December in Bologna (Italy), inside the Oratorio San Filippo Neri, with the participation of representatives from the following project partners: ATER (Italy), EGEAC (Portugal), PLAVO (Serbia), THEAMA (Greece) and AUDIOSIGNO (Spain).

The overall objective was mainly to improve skills and competences of cultural operators working in the field of audio-descriptions in order to make theatres more accessible to blind and visually impaired people

The agenda of the final conference included three blocks of activities: (1) Presentations of good practices on accessibility and inclusion, including the intervention of María Ángeles López Amado (General Director of Accessibility and Centres of the Regional Government of Extremadura)  who addressed on her presentation “the perspective on inclusion in Extremadura during live cultural performances”; (2) Development of three Focus Groups with the participation of representatives of the project partners, Italian public bodies with responsibility in the areas of accessibility and inclusion, as well as stakeholders.  Audiosigno participated in the group focused on “accessibility needs from the perspective of visually and hearing impaired audiences”; (3) Sharing of the results from the focus groups.

On the other hand, the project partners took the opportunity to make analysis of possible project ideas to be jointly developed through future calls for European projects.

Innogestiona ambiental has participated along the project supporting Audiosigno during the development of actions and trips, according to the technical assistance contract, previously signed.

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