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Following the environmental assessment process of the 16 photovoltaic plants at the San Serván 400 node – belonging to 4 different developers – a monitoring of the impact on the soil and biodiversity of all the plants was planned. For the development of such a research project, the agreement led by the Junta de Extremadura was recently signed between the developers and the University of Extremadura,
The Spanish Biodiversity and Science Strategy states that, in order to achieve modern biodiversity management, it is necessary to incorporate all available scientific knowledge and information into decision-making processes. This project, funded by the photovoltaic plant developers, is an example of the role of research in biodiversity conservation.

We are very excited about the project, as it will be carried out at 13 of the PV plants where we are currently carrying out environmental coordination in the construction phase. For us it is a unique opportunity to make progress in learning about environmental monitoring and the real impacts of photovoltaic plants on the environment in which they are located, both from the point of view of the soil and the flora and fauna.

Yesterday we visited the sites with experts in each field to plan the field work. We were very keen to work in a coordinated way and to transfer the results. For our part, throughout this process, we will accompany the participants in their visits to the plants and we hope to contribute to the dialogue between promoters and researchers.

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