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Innogestiona Ambiental held its 4th Coexistence Day, where the work and projects of its different departments were presented. Among them, the Environment Department made brief flash presentations of its work, such as the environmental assessment of projects, urban planning procedures, birdlife monitoring, strategic environmental assessment, environmental monitoring plan in the construction and operation phase and monitoring of mortality in power lines.

The Projects Department also presented its European projects, including LIFE Scrubsnet, ERASMUS TWIN 4.0 and HORIZON EUROPE- Eu4Advice, H2020 COFRESH, HORIZON EUROPE-INNOBREED, ERASMUS EU4SHEPHERDS, ERAMSUS MOBIRURAL, ERASMUS SCALE, LIFE LIVE ADAPT and the new SEED4AFRICA project.

Finally, the Energy Department made a brief introduction explaining that this young department has arisen due to the company’s need to focus on innovation and development of prototypes, which are subsequently intended to be marketed.

To end the day, a creative dynamic called “Innoarte” was carried out. This dynamic consisted of drawing a colleague from the team and then identifying each other among all the drawings. Once the training was over, the celebration was followed by beer and food.

We wish you all a spring full of fruits and berries.

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