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This week the kick-off meeting of the SEED4Africa project was held in Foligno, Italy.

In Foligno, Italy, the partners Umbraflor, Egina, Farm Tech Society, Don Bosco Tech Society, (Benin, South Africa and Nigeria) met to establish the general framework of work, with special attention to the European projects that will serve as reference for future actions (LIFE LiveAdapt, E+ Digital Seed and PONICS). During the meeting, the partners will lay the foundations for the involvement of the vocational training teachers of each of the African entities, as well as the general objectives of the study visits that the European entities will carry out in the coming months, which will allow to understand the local needs for the adaptation of the courses to the reality of each country.

The financial aspects and for the communication and dissemination of the project are other important points of the agenda that will serve to improve the repercussion and impact of the SEED4AFRICA project.

Innogestiona is the entity in charge of the adaptation of the course cycle of the LiveAdapt project, as part of the training curriculum that will be developed throughout the project. During the meeting, Antonio Román, Juan Pablo Martín and Patricia Mora, have presented the LIFE LiveAdapt project and solved doubts of the different partners about the methodology, concepts and expected learning outcomes for the adaptation of extensive livestock farming to climate change.

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