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Last week Innogestiona Ambiental attended the I Iberian Congress on Renewable Energies and Red Natura 2000 in Mérida (20-22 April 2023). Organised by: Adenex Asoc. para la Defensa de la Naturaleza y los Recursos de Extremadura and Consejo Ibérico de Defensa de la Naturaleza (CIDN).

Speakers included Olga García García, advisor to the Regional Ministry of Ecological Transition and Sustainability of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Jorge Vega Almendral, president of ADENEX, João Joanaz de Melo, founding partner of GEOTA, Marcelino Cardalliaguet Guerra, territorial delegate of SEO/BirdLife, and Roberto Lozano Mazagatos, president of the Spanish Committee of the IUCN and director of the Oxygen Foundation.

The congress focused on the theme “Positive and negative impacts of renewable energies”. The morning sessions covered topics such as climate change and energy sovereignty, while the afternoon sessions focused on the effects of renewable energy projects, such as wind and solar, on nature. The first day concluded with discussions on the role of governments in evaluating renewable energy projects, as well as how to assess the environmental viability of such projects.

On the second day, speakers presented various perspectives on these installations and their environment, such as the impact of renewable energy projects on wildlife, the need for a transition to renewable energy and the role of the media in covering renewable energy.

In summary, the importance of environmental assessment and subsequent monitoring of projects to ensure environmental protection was emphasised over the two days.

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