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The EU4Advice project has deployed a multi-stakeholder approach to the creation of a European Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) ecosystem including advisors, policy makers, researchers, food producers and consumers, who will work in different Living Labs across Europe, including the national Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS).

The project is currently in the process of designing and setting up these Living Labs, which will focus on different objectives to respond to the challenges faced by the short chain, as a model that brings producers and consumers closer together, not only in terms of geographical proximity, but also in terms of any alternative that reduces intermediaries and facilitates direct information flow between the first and last links in the value chain.

For the implementation of these experimentation spaces, the project has a Living Labs Management Committee, led by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, and the coordination of Innogestiona Ambiental which will support the creation of Living Labs in Spain, Ireland, Holland and Hungary.

These Living Labs will develop a series of innovative technical actions to extract conclusions and results that will serve to identify barriers, solutions and experiences to be transferred to the short chain ecosystem at European, national and regional level, making this production model a real alternative from a social, economic, environmental and institutional perspective.

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