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The InnoBreed project aims to promote and incorporate innovative solutions aimed at the participatory development of fruit tree varieties under an organic fruit production system and to foster value creation along its sectoral chain. InnOBreed is being developed following a participatory and co-creation approach, incorporating the perspectives of local actors and stakeholders from the different participating countries, addressing the real problems identified in the organic fruit-growing sector.

In this context and within Work Package 5 (WP5), an online workshop was held on 16 June 2023 to discuss the definitions of “breeding in organic fruit farming” and “social innovation” within the context of the InnOBreed project. The starting point and inspiration for the draft definition of social innovation (SI) were the good practice cases on social innovation identified by the 21 partners from the 10 different countries that make up the project consortium.

María Ramos (CICYTEX, CAEM), Beatriz Fadón (Asociación Paisaje, Ecología y Género) and Roberto Ruiz de Arcaute (Neiker, SEAE) participated in the workshop as experts.  Representatives from the project partners were Mariagiulia Mariani (University of Pisa), Enrique Dapena and Belén García (SERIDA), as well as Patricia Mora, Juan Pablo Martín and Roberto Ballesteros (Innogestiona).

In order to consolidate the definitions that are the object of the workshop, all the contributions of the 9 workshops at national level, which have been held during the month of June, will be taken into account.

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