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At the second meeting of the Twin 4.0 project, held in Larnaca, Cyprus, from 1 to 2 August 2023, participants focused on several key aspects of the European Union’s cooperation programme for innovation and exchange of good practices in education, training, youth and sport.

On the first day, progress on the development of the “TWIN 4.0 Environmental impact audit tool” and the “TWIN 4.0 Transition training course” was presented. The dissemination and exploitation strategy, the quality management plan and future meetings were also discussed. On the second day, the attendees visited the innovation and technology centre, Q Teqnopolis Larnaca, to assess the match between the environmental impact assessment tool and the needs of the companies.

Project Twin 4.0 aims to promote innovation and cooperation in vocational education and training, focusing on environmental impact, technology and industry needs. The strategic partners work on the creation of effective training courses and guidelines for vocational training providers. It is expected that this project will contribute significantly to the advancement of vocational education and training in Europe, promoting sustainable practices adapted to the demands of the business sector.

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