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On January 30-31, Innogestiona Ambiental actively participated in the kick-off meeting (KoM) of the Erasmus ENNE+ project, a collaborative initiative aimed at expanding national networks of vocational training centers in four European countries: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Austria.

During the KoM, the project partners took the opportunity to engage in meaningful interactions and in-depth discussions on project management. The meeting served as a platform to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each participant, fostering a collaborative environment crucial to the success of the project.

At the core of the Erasmus ENNE+ project is the application of the Social Hackademy methodology. This innovative approach is designed to explore and generate solutions in the field of green technology from Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions. The main objective is to develop solutions that are not only innovative, but also locally applicable, addressing some of the contemporary challenges facing our society.

Innogestiona Ambiental, which plays a key role in the project, is responsible for establishing a Community of Practice (CoP). This community will consist of national networks interconnected at the European level, involving VET centers, students, teachers, experts in the technological field and public authorities. The aim is to create a dynamic platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering an ecosystem in which innovative ideas can flourish and be applied in practice.

The Social Hackademy methodology emerges as a key driver in the search for practical and locally applicable solutions in the field of green technology. By fostering effective collaboration and leveraging the diverse expertise within the CoP, the Erasmus ENNE+ project aims to make a significant contribution to addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainable practices in vocational training across Europe.

Innogestiona Ambiental’s active participation in projects such as ENNE+ underlines its commitment to environmental sustainability and the development of vocational training on a European scale. The ongoing collaboration lays the foundation for a transformative impact on education and the application of green technologies in the vocational training landscape.

Here you can find more information about the project: click here

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