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Today, 14 February, is not only Valentine’s Day, it is also World Energy Day. Since its inception in 1949, following the devastating period of World War II, this day has been a constant reminder of the importance of using energy in a measured, effective and efficient way.

In its early days, the focus was on “saving energy”, a slogan that permeated all areas of society. The energy crisis of the 1970s emphasised the urgent need to find solutions to the sharp rise in prices and supply efficiency caused by geopolitical factors and economic manipulations.

Energy management has moved from a manual system to an efficient management model thanks to technological advances that allow precise and focused monitoring. However, with the arrival of the new millennium, energy demand began to decline due to privatisation and downsizing of public enterprises.

But the environmental awakening of the first decade of the 21st century brought back the need for energy, especially to reduce carbon emissions. As terms like global warming and climate change become more prevalent, there has been a renewed commitment to energy efficiency and a push for renewable energy.

Today, this day seeks to highlight the importance of energy in sustainable development and to promote responsible and intelligent consumption practices. This implies an active commitment towards a more sustainable energy model that promotes the conservation of natural resources and minimises environmental impact.

In addition, this day is a call to action at both the individual and collective level, serving as a platform to promote education and awareness of responsible energy use. Each person can contribute by adopting responsible consumption habits, reducing energy waste and promoting awareness of the importance of efficient use of energy resources. It also highlights the need for governments and businesses to make a firm commitment to energy sustainability, investing in clean technologies and promoting policies that drive the transition to a more sustainable energy model.

In short, World Energy Day gives us an opportunity to reflect on our role in building a sustainable energy future and invites us to take concrete action to preserve the planet’s resources. It is a reminder that energy is an invaluable resource that we must protect and use responsibly for a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

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