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In a significant step towards promoting environmental sustainability and resilience, Innogestiona Ambiental has successfully carried out the “Train the Trainers” workshop as part of the Erasmus+ SEED4AFRICA project.

This workshop, organised by Innogestiona Ambiental together with the European partners EGInA (Italy) and FarmTech Society (Belgium), took place from 4 to 8 March in Badajoz, Extremadura. During this workshop, visits were made to different institutions with the aim of sharing knowledge about the different professional profiles related to the agri-food sector in Spain. From vocational training teachers to research and university staff, good practices were discussed and training was provided to participants from three African countries: Benin, Kenya and South Africa.

The main purpose of this event is to improve the professional profile of African teachers and trainers in the field of agriculture and rural development. To achieve this, several visits were made to institutions such as IES Ntra. Sra. de Bótoa, CTAEX, CICYTEX and Fundecyt-Pctex.

In addition, they had the opportunity to visit a local farm representative of the Dehesa system and listen to different talks on carbon markets, holistic management of livestock farms, the ACTYVA cooperative model (small farmers); “other” practices of the LiveAdapt project, hydroponic cabins for livestock, etc.

This type of initiative is an important step towards the creation of global educational networks that address environmental issues from an intercontinental perspective.

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