In line with the EU Green Deal, Innogestiona Ambiental participates in collaboration, innovation and research projects that promote agroecological transition, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, extensive livestock farming, sustainable management of natural resources or the enhancement of ecosystem services.

Professional collaboration

Our transnational collaboration network is made up of technology and research centers, educational institutions and entities specialized in innovation projects, tenders and market studies, with which we easily build international consortia for the design and execution of projects.

R & D & i

We are part of consortia in European programs such as LIFE, Erasmus, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Operational Groups,… in research, training and innovation projects based on Strategies such as Farm2Fork, EU Research and innovation or Digital Europe,  and inspired by the EIP-AGRI guidelines.

Project Design

We design, manage and participate in innovation, research, collaboration and training projects at European, national and regional level, in programs such as LIFE, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Operational Groups and tenders, as well as in European Commission policy sessions or specialized focus groups.

Environmental specialists

We are specialists in areas related to the environment and energy, although we also have experience in numerous success stories in sectors such as cultural heritage, sustainable tourism, circular economy, entrepreneurship, rural development, ICT and training, among others.

What can we provide?

We are dedicated to:

  • Facilitating processes that help increase the impact of projects
  • Identification and management of intellectual property rights
  • Development of methodologies based on co-creation, collaboration and innovative communication tools
  • Participating as a partner or coordinator in European and national innovation projects
  • Writing and submitting proposals
  • Integrating our clients in European projects presented by third parties
  • Forming national and international consortia for projects

Project Management

Thanks to our participation in multiple programs and calls for proposals, we have extensive experience in comprehensive project management, especially in terms of impact, innovation and exploitation of results, as well as communication and dissemination actions..

We add value and professionalism

We are specialists in:

  • Integral assistance (technical and financial) of approved projects.
  • Project communication and dissemination plans
  • Impact assessment of projects and their results
  • Audits of European projects
  • Technical monitoring of programs and grants of interest

Intellectual property, consulting and training

  • Advice on intellectual protection and commercial exploitation of results in R&D&I projects
  • Negotiation with the EU or the competent authority on projects in the final evaluation or approval phase
  • Accompaniment and advice on international meetings and events
  • Training in innovation, entrepreneurship and European projects


Climate Change

We work on the implementation of solutions for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, especially in the Dehesa, water management and extensive livestock farming, prioritizing the sustainability and competitiveness of the sector, as well as biodiversity and the enhancement of the associated systemic services.


We invest efforts to redesign agri-food value chains, given their enormous influence on the social, economic and environmental sustainability of our society. We work to increase the impact of the projects in which we participate, to encourage their replicability and to promote new policy measures.

Circular economy

We have identified important challenges for the circular economy to become a reality, and we are working to overcome them in order to implement solutions that reduce emissions and waste and that in turn drive new business models and harmonized and effective policy measures.


The transition to a more environmentally friendly production model is a complex task that requires strong bioremediation, training, equal opportunities, generational change and awareness-raising measures, to mention only those that are most present in our daily lives.

Water management

We offer innovative solutions for the accumulation of rainwater and its subsequent use in livestock farms: intelligent water tanks –WaterAdapt-, aas well as for the shading of ponds that protect water from evaporation –PondAdapt-. Intelligent water management for adaptation to situations with greater water deficit.

We are what we do

This intelligent, energy self-sufficient system consists of a subway container that collects rainwater during the rainy periods and provides it to livestock on demand during dry periods, thanks to a solar pump and a communication system, enable to recognize livestock.

Innovation in water management



Collaborative network


Contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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