We design, manage and participate in projects, in different European, national and regional innovation projects in programmes such as Life, Erasmus, Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Interreg,…
We are specialists in areas related to the environment and energy, although we also have experience in numerous success stories in sectors such as cultural heritage, sustainable tourism, circular economy, entrepreneurship, rural development, ICT and training, among others.

We facilitate and coordinate projects

Our collaborative network is made up of professionals from the cultural and creative industries, museum and library networks, artists, artisans and educational institutions, as well as entities specialised in participation and social innovation with whom we easily build consortiums for the design and execution of projects.

We are part of numerous consortia in programmes such as Erasmus, H2020, Horizon Europe, Life or Interreg in different European, national and regional collaboration, research and innovation projects, aimed at responding to strategies such as Farm2Fork.

Design | Management | Evaluation | Reporting

From agri-food value chains and production systems, to biodiversity and technologies, at Innogestiona we have one priority: health. Physical and mental health; social, economic and environmental health; based on access to quality food and a healthy environment.

  • Coordination support
  • Design and implementation of participatory processes for the identification of barriers and solutions from a multi-sectoral point of view on different issues of relevance to the sector
  • Elaboration and monitoring of action plans for the improvement of sector policies
  • Design and implementation of technical actions for the promotion and sustainable exploitation of heritage (including the use of new technologies)
  • Impact studies and promotion of relevant positive impacts
  • Dissemination of the project and its outcome

We are what we do


We work on the redesign of agri-food value chains, we are committed to models based on proximity, which contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and generate new dynamics and opportunities in the agri-food sector: fairer, healthier and more sustainable.

EU Green Deal

The European Green Deal is our benchmark for the work we do in collaborative projects in health and food production, with the aim of contributing to the well-being and sustainability of society and the environment, and generating fairer development opportunities.


We promote responsible consumption and the agroecological transition as a response to the enormous impact that conventional agrifood chains have on the environment, on people’s health and on the economies of rural territories.


We defend extensive livestock farming as a sustainable production model with high added value that also contributes to the conservation of important ecosystems such as the dehesa, always based on good management and with sustainability and animal welfare criteria as references.


As a symptom of a healthy environment, we work to protect and promote biodiversity, which in turn generates ecosystem services of great value for people’s health, as well as innovative business models and new development opportunities for rural areas.

collaborative network


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29 de March de 2023

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InnOBreed Project: Kick-off meeting in Bari (Italy)

On 5 and 6 October 2022, the kick-off meeting of the InnOBreed project was held at the CIHEAM (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute) in Bari (Italy). Funded by the EU's Horizon Europe…

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