Programme: Erasmus +


 (01/01/2024 – 31/12/2026) Budget: 1.202.100,00€


Europe’s rapid progress towards climate neutrality and the adoption of digital transformation is revolutionising the way we work, learn, participate in society and conduct our daily lives. is revolutionising the way we work, learn, participate in society and conduct our daily lives.

However, to take advantage of these opportunities, Europe must ensure that its society acquires the right skills. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had a profound impact on millions of people in the EU, leading to job losses or significant reductions in income.

As a result, many people now need to acquire new skills and move to other sectors of the economy. Others will need to upgrade their skills to adapt to a new working environment in order to keep their jobs. For young people, entering the labour market can be very difficult.

Main Objetive:

The objective of ENNE+ is to follow up on two EU-funded projects that have successfully established/strengthened national networks of VET providers in combination with the exploitation of existing CoPs for the promotion of EU competence frameworks.

In addition, the project aims to enhance the capacity of VET providers to contribute to transformative and sustainable change in their local communities through networking, information sharing and exchange of experience.

To this end, the project will support the enhancement of existing national VET networks and the creation of new ones in four pilot countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain and Austria), with the potential to expand further in the EU through the involvement of two EU-wide networks.

Project activities will promote the quality and attractiveness of VET, with a specific focus on the field of eco- and green innovation, in particular through:

  • The involvement of existing national VET networks in integrating and scaling up innovative solutions and approaches to improve the attractiveness of VET the attractiveness of VET, adapting the Social Hackademy methodology to the VET field and organising Hackathons;
  • the creation of VET-driven eco-innovative communities and their involvement in the co-design, incubation and sustainable exploitation of eco-technological solutions;
  • facilitating multi-stakeholder knowledge sharing and the establishment of partnerships to ensure long-term impact at local, national and international levels.





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