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Programme: Erasmus +


(01/09/2023-31/08/2025) Budget: 250.000,00€


Carbon management is not simply a set of organised practices; it is a human commitment to harness the strategic advantages that arise from reducing CO2 emissions in our businesses and society. Through carbon management, we help organisations focus on meeting their emissions reduction targets and reducing fossil fuel use, all with the aim of leaving a lighter carbon footprint and strengthening our shared sustainability.

In the European Union, the imposition of reporting requirements and increasing pressure from stakeholders are urging companies to set concrete emission reduction targets and implement carbon management strategies. This pressure is not just a formality; it reflects the need to measure, track and manage our emissions in a more cohesive and humane way.

It is crucial to remember that companies are responsible for a staggering 70% of global emissions. They not only have the power, but also the responsibility to lead the transition to a more climate-safe, deforestation-free and water-secure world. From recognising environmental risks and opportunities to setting concrete targets and actively participating in global initiatives and campaigns, business is an agent of change with the power to shape a sustainable future for all. Finding the most direct and effective strategies to reduce emissions requires more than just numbers; it requires empathy, technological and interpersonal skills, and, above all, a human commitment to be part of the solution to climate change.

Principal Objetive:

The main objective of the Net0Manager project is to improve the skills and competences of EU managers in carbon management by innovating their mindset in terms of Ne t0 approaches and strategies to be adopted in companies. The project aims to improve the competences of VET trainers and managers in carbon training through new approaches and tools. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the commitment of managers to achieve Net 0 business conditions and contribute to the UN SDG by creating shared value.

Specific objectives:

  • To support managers: to develop and manage a carbon strategy to reduce energy use, carbon footprint and implement sustainable methods in their teams.
  • Provide skills and knowledge: Equipping managers with skills, competencies and knowledge related to climate change perspectives, policies, technologies and zeroing commitments.
  • Create a network: By establishing a strong network of committed stakeholders to share carbon reduction initiatives at EU level.
  • Raising awareness: Raising awareness of carbon reduction issues in business among managers, employees and relevant stakeholders.


  • Training tools: It will contain a competency map, a training pathway and a training methodology.
  • Online training platform: Creation of an online training platform including open educational resources connected to micro-credentials to enable learners to create a personalised learning pathway for carbon management strategies in companies.
  • Policy paper/set of recommendations: Development of a policy document and set of recommendations on the integration of Net0Manager competences and micro-credentials into the VET system.





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