PEMS- Extremadura Plan for Sustainable Mobility

For sustainable, safe and connected mobility

PEMS is the result of the need to carry out a series of actions to implement sustainable and efficient forms of tourism, consistent with the existing characteristics of the region of Extremadura and in line with the Western Spain Sustainable Mobility Strategy (EEMS). To this end, the PEMS will specifically develop the objectives, strategies and activities underpinning Extremadura’s mobility policy until 2030.

The plan focuses on people and how to solve their basic mobility needs. For this reason, a transparent and participatory approach will be used from the beginning and throughout the planning process, involving citizens and other stakeholders. A participation mailbox is available on the pems website for citizens to share their views.

Work to be carried out

Firstly, a mobility diagnosis will be made of the current situation and predictable trends in Extremadura, using different tools including a detailed process of surveys and installation of gauges that provide information on the different types of travel that take place in the region, with a specific focus on the centres that attract travel.

Once the diagnosis has been drawn up, several possible mobility scenarios will be considered, and based on the most optimal scenario, a project plan and action plan will be drawn up for each planned action, in which implementation times and budgets will be established, as well as monitoring indicators.

In addition to carrying out surveys as part of the citizen participation processes, 8 sectoral roundtables will be held, which will be attended by key agents from 7 different sectors in order to share the problems identified in the area of mobility and which may affect them directly.

Finally, the final proposal of the PEMS will be published, in order to prepare a final document that includes the report of allegations and the Strategic Environmental Study and subsequently a dissemination campaign of the final document of the Plan will be carried out.






Innogestiona Ambiental will be in charge of citizen participation, which will be managed through a participation mailbox on the pems website.

We will also carry out 8 sectoral roundtables with key agents who may be directly affected by the future actions of the Department of Mobility, Transport and Housing.

We will also be responsible for holding several public information days to communicate the progress of the PEMS as well as to communicate the problems detected and the future solutions proposed, as well as the development of the PEMS website and specific illustrations of the same.



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