Twin 4.0

Programme: Erasmus +


(01/11/2022-31/10/2024)  Budget: 250.000€

The TWIN 4.0 project main aim is to boost the capacity of manufacturing SMEs for twin (green-digital) transition by equipping them with comprehensive and flexible training package and thus raising their awareness on the need and benefits of this transition.

The specific objectives of the project are:

SO1: enabling manufacturing SMEs management to adopt a responsible environmental approach in the process of digital transformation by supporting them in evaluating their environmental impact;
SO2: creating prerequisites for boosting green and digital skills and competencies of SMEs’ managers/ employees/ consultants to enable smooth twin transition of manufacturing SMEs;
SO3: strengthening VET – business collaboration with regards to supporting twin transition through new educational offers based on the pressing labour market needs;

All of the mentioned objectives are directly focused on creating a tailored to the labour market needs multidisciplinary training course aimed to support manufacturing SMEs in the process of twin transition and thus contributing towards reducing their environmental impact in line with E+ priority focused on environment and climate change. The TWIN 4.0 training is aimed at promoting advanced digital and green skills (SO2) that are considered essential for the post-pandemic industrial labour market and the fast economic recovery as well as to support the VET-business collaboration (SO3) with regards to offering new VET offer to support twin transition and thus contributing for innovation and adaptation of VET to labour market needs.

The aforementioned objectives are also linked to the 3 main results TWIN 4.0 project will aim to produce, as follows:

Result 1

R1: TWIN 4.0 environmental impact audit tool that will provide a step-by-step methodology on how companies can evaluate their current and potential (upon implementation of certain technologies) environmental impact at every stage of their digital transition. Thus, manufacturing SMEs will be able to adopt a more sustainable approach towards digitalisation which will contribute to the completion of SO1.

Result 2

R2: TWIN 4.0 transition training course aims to support manufacturing SMEs on taking the leap towards digital and green business models and providing their current and future staff with necessary technologically-advanced and green skills and theoretical and practical knowledge to operate in the context of a highly competitive and dynamic I4.0 environment. R1, R2 and R3 cumulatively will contribute towards achieving SO2.

Result 3

R3: TWIN 4.0 transition guidelines for VET providers that will aim to support VET providers on building their training offer on twin transition for business and effectively apply the TWIN 4.0 training results and thus create prerequisites for strengthening the potential for joint VET-business cooperation. R3 will directly support the completion of SO3.





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