WaterAdapt | Smart rainwater management for extensive livestock

PondAdapt | Natural-based solution to reduce the evaporation rate of water in livestock ponds during the summer

CO-FRESH | CO-creating sustainable and competitive FRuits and vEgetableS’ value cHains in Europe

SMARTCHAIN | Smart solutions in short food supply chains

AGROINCLUSION I Erasmus+ to improve the inclusion of people with special needs in organic farming

INCLUSIVE THEATER(s) | New audiences in theatres mainstreaming inclusive practices for visually and hearing impaired persons

SHARE | Sustainable approach to cultural Heritage for the urban Areas Requalification in Europe

INNOCASTLE | INNOvating policy instruments for historic CASTLEs, manors and estates

SCALE SME | Tools and resources for Cultural and Creative Industries

Sustainable Mobility | Alternative Energies | Smart Territories | Sustainable Architecture | Sustainable Architecture

Farm to Fork | Integral health | Responsible consumption | Well-being | Agri-food chains | Extensive livestock | Dehesa | Healthy food

New European Bauhaus | Cultural Heritage | Creative Industry | UNESCO | Digitisation | Innovation | Vocational Training | Rurality

EU Green Deal | Climate Change | Biodiversity | Circular Economy | Agro-ecological transition | Bioremediation | Dehesa | Sustainability

Sustainable energy | Water | Soil | Nature conservation | Sustainable mobility | Agri + Photovoltaic | Solar thermal | Wind power

OPERATIVE GROUP OVINNOVA | An innovative business model for transhumance, an ancestral and necessary practice.

CO Fresh Project

ERASMUS + Agroinclusión

ERASMUS + EU4SHEPHERDS | Improve and update available training for extensive herders

Scale SMEs Proyect

Smart Chain Project

LIFE LiveAdapt | Solutions for the adaptation of extensive livestock farming to climate change

LIFE Landscape Fire