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Valecor Operational Group

The production of organic lamb in Extremadura is an ever more interesting option for sale at national and international level, due to the continuing rise in consumption of organic products in most markets. Apart from this, the Extremadura sheep sector is making a determined drive for the production of organic lamb, which is already integrated into strong, well-organised groupings and is an offering capable of incorporating innovations into its value chain.

Despite its potential and due to a variety of pending challenges not yet addressed, the production of organic lamb in Extremadura is not retaining all the latent value and, therefore, the profitability, the sector needs so badly.

In view of this background, the VALECOR Operational Group aims to put in place the identification, analysis and dissemination of the innovative measures that are indispensable for organic lamb to be properly valued and introduced onto the market, by incorporating key innovations throughout its production, marketing and distribution chain, including actions directed at fostering good practices to overcome possible administrative or regulatory hurdles.

Among the specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Identify new farmers who could potentially produce under the organic model and expand the offering.
  • Identify and incorporate innovative processing, packing, preprocessing and sales technologies, equipment and methods which the organic lamb sector should adopt in support of enhancing its value in the marketplace.
  • Identify the barriers to its introduction and proper realisation on the regional, national and international markets, from the points of view of commercialisation, labelling, distribution, etc.
  • Identify the administrative and regulatory measures that could be de facto barriers or offer a potential fillip to realising the value of these products on the market, and propose improvements to the competent entities based on good practices.

Innogestiona Ambiental participates as a partner in this project along with other European entities, such as the Extremadura Lamb Protected Geographical Indication  (Corderex), the Spanish Dehesa Federation (FEDEHESA) and the companies Cordero Organic S.L. and True Food Alliance S.L.

Innogestiona Ambiental participates as the partner responsible for conducting the study to identify the key innovative technological improvements with potential for introduction anywhere along the value chain of the organic lamb market. It is also coordinating the work to identify and incorporate new products into the value chain, as well as administrative, regulatory and commercialisation improvements. In addition, it is the entity responsible for disseminating the results of the project.

VALECOR is one of the innovative projects awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food under the 2019 funding call for the functioning of Operational Groups of the European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) under the National Rural Development Plan 2014-2020.