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Innogestiona’s European vocation is reflected in a wide collaboration network that includes universities, technology centres, research institutes, NGOs, companies and institutions at local, regional, national and European level, distributed throughout Europe.

The following map represents Innogestiona’s European collaboration network, with our projects represented by different colours. You can click on the image to access the interactive map.

Innogestiona Collaboration Network


Together with these partners, Innogestiona works on research and innovation projects at the highest level, such as the CO-FRESH, SMARTCHAIN, EU4ADVICE or INNOBREED projects, within the Horizon Europe and H2020 programme; all of them aimed at improving sustainability in agri-food value chains, both conventional and short food supply chains, with a multidisciplinary and multi-actor approach, from a European perspective and with technical and pilot actions at a local and regional level. Impact assessment, communication and dissemination, IPR management or participatory processes, are tasks we implement with reliability.

We also work in Interreg projects such as INNOCASLTE or SHARE, providing technical assistance to facilitate processes leading to a more sustainable and innovative management of heritage, cultural spaces and tourism activities.

Within the LIFE programme of the European Commission, Innogestiona coordinates the LIFE Scrubsnet project, for the regeneration of degraded habitats within dehesas and montados through associated patches of scrubland, while participating as a partner in various technical actions of the LIFE LiveAdapt project, where Innogestiona is responsible for the management and exploitation of the so-called Aljibe Inteligente (rainwater capture + efficient and safe livestock water supply), a project spin-off that is already protected by its own patent. In the Lansdcape Fire LIFE project Innogestiona collaborates in technical actions for the prevention of forest fires.

Erasmus+ is another programme in which Innogestiona has extensive experience. Currently with 3 KA2 projects: SCALE SME, Agroinclusion and EU4shepherds, which seek to improve competitiveness in the cultural and creative industries, inclusion in the agricultural sector and training of trainers and shepherds, respectively, with an updated, innovative, sustainable and European approach, thanks to multidisciplinary and multicultural consortia.

Inclusive Theatres (Creative Europe) aims to integrate audiences with special needs in terms of vision and hearing in theatrical performances. Innogestiona works closely with cultural institutions, spaces, target group representatives and performers in order to design, implement and validate new inclusive and innovative practices.

This work is complemented by a continuous analysis and work dynamics to propose new projects, initiatives and ideas that inspire solid proposals, in line with the main European strategies such as the EU Green Deal, Farm to Fork, New European Bauhaus or the EU Missions.

Header: Foto de Alexander Schimmeck en Unsplash

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