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Last Friday 4th February, Vesna Vrhovec and Mateja Horvat from ENTER (Croatia), Camila Donati from ARGO (Italy), Jan Skok from SASA (Slovenia), Elizabeth Tzialla from KEK ORAMA (Greece) and Juan Pablo Martín and Roberto Ballesteros from  INNOGESTIONA AMBIENTAL (Spain) met for the coordination and follow-up of the Intellectual Output 1 of the Erasmus + Scale me project “SCALing up in the creative industries for SMEs and self-employed”.

This intellectual output, for which Innogestiona Ambiental is responsible, has as a result the realization of a manual that is able to teach people who are self-employed or work/own a SME in the Creative Industries how to scale up their activity. Furthermore, the handbook will serve as a first step for the integration of the transnational training model realised with the project into the national VET systems.

Among the developments of the IO, the following are highlighted:

  • A Local Assessment: This analysis aims to assess the state of CCIs in each country involved. The assessment will highlight commonalities between countries and between different sectors, the needs of CCIs in terms of business management, financial management, economic sustainability, management skills, etc. and the existing training methods and contents that can be updated and improved.
  • Elaboration of a Tips&Tools manual: This manual will provide tips and tools, based on the results obtained from the Local Assessment. It will be a handbook for start-ups and SMEs that are starting an activity in the creative and cultural sector. This manual will be shared on the training platform that is currently being developed.

If you want to know more about the project and the activities that will be carried out you can do it aquí.

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