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Many companies are required to prepare an annual Non-Financial Information Statement, in order to comply with different legal requirements. Such reports include environmental and social issues, as well as those relating to personnel, respect for human rights and anti-corruption and anti-bribery. It is paramount that the information in the Non-Financial Information Statement is meaningful, relevant to stakeholders, useful, comparable, accurate and verifiable.

Innogestiona Ambiental identifies the most relevant issues for our clients’ stakeholders.

The objective of our work is to identify issues that reflect the significant economic, environmental and social impacts of our clients; or that materially influence stakeholder assessments and decisions. In other words, our results serve as a basis for decision-making in the area of corporate social responsibility.

Thus, we prepare analyses of the expectations of each company’s stakeholders from the perspective of social responsibility and sustainability, known as materiality analysis, in which we determine the most important issues for the company’s internal and external stakeholders.

Communication with the company and stakeholder consultations are the fundamental tools for this type of analysis, in which we adapt the approved methodology to the requirements of each case.

The results of our materiality analysis provide the identification of relevant issues for the company, a fundamental basis for the subsequent drafting of the Statement of Non-Financial Information. In addition, we analyse the link with the Sustainable Development Objectives, according to the priorities and type of management of each client.

Author: Raquel García, PhD in Biology and Master in Management Systems. Innogestiona Ambiental.

Header photo Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

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