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In a significant step towards promoting environmental sustainability and resilience, Innogestiona Ambiental has successfully conducted its second webinar as part of the Erasmus+ SEED4AFRICA project. This online educational event aimed to train teachers in Kenya, Benin and South Africa, marking an important milestone in the expansion of environmental education in these regions.

The event explored in depth the resilience and adaptation of agriculture to climate change, addressing critical issues that directly impact local communities. The initiative reflects Innogestiona Ambiental’s continued commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future, using education as a key tool for positive change.

This Erasmus+ SEED4AFRICA project seeks not only to impart knowledge, but also to foster concrete action on the ground, training teachers who play a key role in shaping future generations. The active participation of education professionals in Kenya, Benin and South Africa demonstrates the relevance and need for initiatives that directly address the challenges of climate change.

This second webinar represents a further step towards the creation of global educational networks that address environmental issues from an intercontinental perspective. Innogestiona Ambiental, through its proactive and collaborative approach, demonstrates that environmental education is a powerful tool to address global environmental challenges. With the successful delivery of this second webinar, the organisation is moving towards its goal of empowering educators and, through them, communities in the fight against climate change.

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