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This month we started the environmental monitoring of 3 new photovoltaic plants in Lobón (Badajoz).

As we have been doing in all the works in which we participate, we started the Environmental Monitoring Programme with a detailed analysis of all the documentation of the projects: Environmental Impact Statement, Environmental Impact Study, Sectorial Reports, Authorisations, etc. In this way, we have drawn up eminently practical Environmental Monitoring Plans (EMP), which include all the preventive, corrective and compensatory measures applicable to the projects.

After the prospection visit to the area, to identify the initial state of the land, we have begun a key phase for the successful development of environmental monitoring: communication. We ensure that all those involved in the construction of the photovoltaic plants (developers, contractors, operators) are aware of each of the impacts that may be associated with the work, as well as all the preventive and corrective measures that must be applied to mitigate them.

Communication also extends to the Government of Extremadura, as the environmental body to which our monitoring reports on the EMP will be addressed, where we assess the correct application of the preventive and corrective measures and their degree of effectiveness.

We are convinced that environmental monitoring is a key tool for the sustainability of projects, as it is the procedure that guarantees correct compliance with the conditions of the Environmental Impact Statement, as it includes the entire environmental impact assessment procedure for projects. Therefore, acting as environmental coordinators allows us to implement continuous improvement in our work as environmental consultants, from the project processing phases to the monitoring and advisory phases.

For all these reasons, we would like to thank our clients for having once again placed their trust in Innogestiona Ambiental for this work and we hope to contribute to optimal environmental management at the construction site.

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