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The III Innogestiona team meeting coincides with the welcome to winter. A time of reflection and introspection that helps us to strengthen the foundations of our projects and design the roadmaps to face the exciting upcoming challenges. After two editions in which we have worked on team cohesion on a personal and professional level, this time we have focused on the VALUES that guide our way of working both internally and externally.


Innogestiona’s values are the ethical and professional principles that demonstrate our identity, that is, our own personality, philosophy and culture as a team.

The importance of values in an entity such as Innogestiona is decisive, as they guide us in achieving our personal and professional objectives, as well as reinforcing our commitment to the partners with whom we collaborate regularly, thanks to dynamics of credibility and trust. These values allow us to understand the path we want to follow in the medium and long term in form and substance, with a united and coherent team.

But what are these values?

After several dynamics to reflect on the meaning of collaboration, active listening, humility or adaptation, the team expressed the values they consider priorities for the future of the entity, with a result that highlighted the importance of respect, communication, collaboration and sustainability, as outstanding values, accompanied by creativity, empathy, responsibility and teamwork, along with others that can be seen in the cloud of our “InnoValues”, which will continue to guide us in each and every one of the projects and initiatives in which we work.

And well, it must also be said, we have a lot of fun!

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